On The Road Again

I’m about to head out on the road again, across a large part of the Greater Midwest, both to promote my book, Midwest Maize, and to research my next one—plus seeing a few sights and visiting a friend.

If any of you live in Bismarck, ND, or Olivia, MN, there is a chance I could meet you. I’ll be doing a book signing at the Barnes and Noble in Bismarck from 2-4 on Saturday May 23, and I’ll be presenting my new program, “How Corn Changed Itself and Then Changed Everything Else” at the public library in Olivia at 5:30 on May 27.

I’ll also be visiting the Corn Palace, in Mitchell, SD, which I expect to enjoy. My mind is still pretty filled with corny thoughts—not just trying to promote the book, but still in love with all the delightful people I’ve met who are involved in all aspects of it—breeding, growing, processing, selling, cooking—as well as with the wonderful stories and intriguing info I learned about its history. I love that I get to share this stuff!

That said, a few interviews along the way will help me prepare for the next book.

So I won’t be posting anything for a couple of weeks, but maybe I’ll run into some of my readers while I’m on the road.

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