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Bloomington and Lincoln

Though more commonly associated with his hometown of Springfield, Abraham Lincoln had remarkably strong ties to Bloomington. In the courthouse that is now the McLean County History Museum, Lincoln argued many of his early cases. And this courthouse was presided over by one of Lincoln’s strongest political allies, Judge David Davis. The long association between Lincoln and this one-time courthouse explains the statue of Lincoln, waiting comfortably on a bench outside the entrance.


There are more buildings still standing in Bloomington that were regularly utilized or visited by Lincoln than in any other community. Among these buildings are the Miller-David law offices, pictured below, which Lincoln often used.


As a lawyer, Lincoln represented many businesses in Bloomington, including the city’s first bank. In 1852, Lincoln bought two city lots east of downtown Bloomington, though he later sold them. He lectured here often, campaigned here, and had many friends here.

Only Springfield played a bigger part in Lincoln’s career than Bloomington.

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