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Corny Humor

Couldn’t resist sharing this.


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Interstate 80 Iowa

As you can no doubt imagine, I take corn very seriously. Wrote a whole book about it (Midwest Maize). I take Iowa seriously, as well — but like the Bible says, “A merry heart does good, like medicine,” so I’m sharing this video that a friend forwarded to me. It is an oversimplification — but not by much. đŸ™‚

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What Does the Farmer Say?

The farmers I met as I traveled the Midwest were invariably smart, and most were well educated, as well (smart and educated not being equivalent). I also found them to be warm and open. Hardworking probably goes without saying, at least for anyone who knows farming. Surprisingly, it turns out that more than a few are also talented—and funny.

A lot of interesting material about corn, farming, history, food, and the like will be shared in this blog, but before I get too serious, I thought I’d start with a lighthearted video that I think is an entertaining example of farm humor. Hope you enjoy this parody video from Kansas farmer Derek Klingenberg: What Does the Farmer Say?

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