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June on the Farm

Another month on a Kansas farm, thanks to the Peterson Farm Brothers.

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May on the Farm

Time for another “Life of a Farmer” video from the Peterson Farm Bros.

May is the month when farm work kicks into high gear.

In the video, you see the Peterson brothers creating a barbed wire fence. Hard to believe now, but barbed wire was once a major game changer. I wrote about Barbed Wire back in February, if you’d like to know more.

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February on the Farm

Back in January, I introduced the “Life of a Farmer” series, which was created by the Peterson Farm Brothers. This series takes viewers through a year on the Peterson farm, one month at a time, reminding us all that there is more to farming than just planting and harvesting. Eldest brother Greg Peterson is the narrator. I was sufficiently impressed with Greg’s passion for communicating the reality of farming to the non-farming world that I got in touch, and he became one of the many people whose experience and knowledge populate my book, Midwest Maize.

Here is February’s episode.

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January on the Farm

The Peterson Farm Brothers — or Bros as they appear on YouTube – are fifth generation Kansas farmers, raising cattle and feed crops. The oldest brother, Greg, got his degree in agricultural communication, so in addition to farming, he works at getting out the story of what farming is like today, who the farmers are, and why it’s important to understand farming. Some of this is accomplished through clever song parodies, such as “I’m Farming and I Grow It” and “Farmer Style,” which went viral a couple of years ago.

However, the Peterson Farm Bros, with assistance from other family members, also create videos that document what work is like on the farm. A couple of years ago, they created the series “Life of a Farmer.” The short videos take the viewer one month at a time through the farming year. So, since it is now January, I’m interrupting the tale of my travels to share their January video.

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