New Book Ready for Pre-Order

Why pre-order a book? Right now, prices on everything are going up, but if you order the book now, the price is guaranteed. It’s available on all the usual sites (including Amazon and the publisher’s, U of IL Press).

This is a fun book filled with surprising tales and delightful destinations. I take you along as I explore a much-overlooked region, the American Midwest. Everyone from Wyatt Earp to Henry Ford is there. Don’t just read about history, but learn where you can explore more about Native Americans, the Pony Express, shipwrecks, the Underground Railroad, early pioneers, the Civil War, railroads, and a lot of stuff that will make you wonder why it got left out of your textbooks!!!

Don’t be scared by the price of the cloth-bound library version. That is for libraries. The general population version is paperback and only costs $19.95 — and the e-book is cheaper still. But you owe it to yourself to pursue this adventure. The Midwest and its past really are remarkable—and the present is pretty cool, too.

University of Illinois Press


Hope you’ll join me for the adventure.


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2 responses to “New Book Ready for Pre-Order

  1. Judith Lee

    I’ve tried to order one book. Cannot navigate your website. I’ve now got three items in my cart and can’t reduce the number to one. Sorry. I don’t buy anything from Amazon.



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    • Sorry you’re having trouble, Judith. However, your problem is not with my blog — because you can’t order books from my site. You have to either go to Amazon or to the U of IL Press — and since you don’t like Amazon, then the U of IL is your best option. But if you did click through to Amazon and place an order there, you have to cancel it on Amazon. That said, unless you went all the way through to where you put in your payment information, you may not have an order. But there is no “cart” on this site, so you will need to check on Amazon, if that’s where you went.


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